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04/05/2023 QUESTED #5 CVR B WALLIS

04/05/2023 QUESTED #5 CVR B WALLIS

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(W) Calero, Michael (A) Wallis, Kit (C) Wallis, Kit
StockID: 75105 SKU: FEB231842

Cover by series artist Kit Wallis. Quested fuses the attitude of Hellboy and the fantasy-adventure spirit of Legend of Zelda as it follows the questing misadventures of pawn shop owner and morally ambiguous hero-for-hire- Jinx- through a world filled with lizard henchmen- dungeon-bosses- and unicorn burgers! It's full dungeon-busting mayhem in this issue of Quested when the past finally catches up with Jinx & Company. As Frogdard returns- our heroes are forced into the lair of the dreaded Ferryman himself. In this head-on collision with some of their greatest foes- will our band of morally ambiguous adventurers have what it takes to survive?

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