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Dynamite Jennifer Blood #1 CVR H (1:15) Li Variant

Dynamite Jennifer Blood #1 CVR H (1:15) Li Variant

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1st appearance of Jennifer Blood, a vigilante with a normal, suburban lifestyle by day

Published Oct 2021

Dynamite Entertainment

Limited 1 for 15 Retailer Incentive Variant Cover. Written by Fred Van Lente. Art by Vincenzo Federici. Cover by Leirix Li. So…once upon a time, a suburban housewife spent her nights as a mobster-murdering assassin, named JENNIFER BLOOD. Then she died…or did she? Because in the cozy cul-de-sacs of Bountiful, Utah, a noticeable number of normal people have gone missing. And by 'normal,' I mean 'mobsters under witness protection.' And by 'missing,' I mean killed by someone that looks, sounds, and murders a lot like JENNIFER BLOOD…

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