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Marvel Amazing Spider-man Vol 2 #265 Newsstand (102500) Key

Marvel Amazing Spider-man Vol 2 #265 Newsstand (102500) Key

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"After The Fox!"
1st appearance of Silver Sable
1st team appearance of the Wild Pack
[March 2022 - speculation Silver Sable will be introduced in Kraven and have a tweaked origin, hailing from Russia with a possible family gang war featuring the Kravinoff vs Sablinova]

Art by: Ron Frenz and Josef Rubinstein
Release Date: March 5, 1985
Cover Date: June, 1985
Editor-in-Chief: James Shooter
Writer(s): Tom DeFalco
Penciler(s): Ron Frenz
Inker(s): Josef Rubinstein
Colorist(s): Bob Sharen
Letterer(s): Phil Felix
Editor(s): Jim Owsley

ebay condition "very good"

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