About Us

Pastime Comics was started by three friends, Chris Hays, Julian Roane, and Brian Durrett. Later we added our good friend, Mclain Mcguire. We started this as a fun hobby for friends and more. That grew to seeing we could offer good affordable prices and unique items for our customers. We want people to come into our store and feel comfortable and feel like family. We have made many great friendships and more since we have been open for four years.

Pastime Comics is a local comic book store. We specialize in new weekly comics as well as Funko Pops, Sideshow Statues, Back issues and more.

As a store owners, we pride ourselves on customer service and making sure the customer is family to us. The customer is what keeps us in business and without them, we would not be around. Sadly this is a quality that most businesses have forgotten.