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Marvel Vault of Evil Vol 1 #13 DE

Marvel Vault of Evil Vol 1 #13 DE

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Art by: Larry Lieber
Release Date: June 4, 1974
Cover Date: September, 1974

Editor(s): Stan Lee
"The Revolt Of Wilbur Bixby!" Reprint of the 4th story from Spellbound #14
Penciler & Inker: Carl Burgos
"The Telepathic Typewriter" Reprint of the 4th story from Uncanny Tales #42
Penciler & Inker: Mort Drucker
"The Madman" Reprint of the 5th story from Menace #4
Writer(s): Stan Lee
Penciler & Inker: Bill Everett
"Contents: One Human" Reprint of the 3rd story from Astonishing #46
Writer(s): Paul S. Newman
Penciler & Inker: Bob McCarty

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